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انتقال سرمایه های میلباردی به خارج توسط فرزندان خامنه ای و مقامات رژیم آغاز شده است

هفته گذشته سایت خبرنگاران سبز گزارش مستندی را در باره اختلاس بیش از دو میلیارد و 700 میلیون دلار توسط فرزندان خامنه ای و مقامات رژیم به بانکهای چینی تحت پوشش پروژه توسعه راه آهن ایران منتشر کرد. این گزارش مستند که درآن کارشناسان ایران سبز به ارقام دقیق اختلاس و نام مقامات دخیل در این دزدی کلان منتشر شده مورد توجه رسانه های خارجی قرار گرفته است. علاوه بر نشریه اقتصادی لزکو ، نشریات پولیتیکو و سی ان ان آی ریپوت نیز ای گرارشها را منتشر کرده اند. بر اساس این گزارش افراد زیر این مبالغ

Khamenei’s Children Involved in Huge

 Embezzlement from Iran’s Railroad 

Development Project

iReport —
(The following is a translation of a "Green Experts of Iran" interview. A link to the Farsi-language original can be found below.)

"Green Experts of Iran"
25 Feb 2011

Iran recently hosted a group of 38 Chinese delegates accompanied by Transportation and Railroad Ministers of China who spent 5 days in Tehran and 2 days in Kish Island.  The Chinese who happen to be the focal point of nearly all major oil contracts and general trade with the Iranian regime and  security forces dominating Iran’s economy-- this time have entered into a lucrative $13 billion contract entitled “Iranian Railroad Development Project”.

Unlike the principals of all international commercial contracts, this one includes an escalator clause that allows for unlimited increases of the agreed amount as deemed necessary!  A contract which upon which investigations by Iran’s Green Expert, has proven to be a front for laundering billions of dollars of painstakingly earned national wealth---into offshore “private” bank accounts!

From the onset of talks regarding this contract, every piece of evidence pointed to its unsavory nature.  Particularly noteworthy was the fact that “Massoud Rahnama’ CEO of the company in charge of production and development, kept referring to the “emphasis made by the Supreme Leader (KHAMENEI)” on the importance of this strategic project, which he cited as the main reason for the need to expedite the process.  He added: “Therefore, during their visit to Iran, the high ranking Chinese delegates signed a $13 billion contract for the construction of 5300 kilometers (3300 miles) of railroad in Iran.”   However, later pursuits and documents revealed the real motives behind the  and meddling of the Supreme Leader.

Iran’s Green Experts’ efforts in finding access to inside information behind this contract – as with previous Iran-China contracts – have revealed that over $2.7 billion of the said contract has been embezzled to bribe the Iranian brokers involved in the deal, which with the knowledge and consent of the Chinese Railway Minister, were deposited into the accounts of  Iranian nationals in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau.  According to obtained records, 76 Iranian officials were involved in the deal with China, all of whom having pocketed portions of the colossal bribe.

Among those involved in this crime, the following well-known figures have been identified and their cuts determined:

  • Massoud Khamenei, $50 million
  • Mostafa Khamenei, $85 million
  • Maysam Khamenei, $90 million
  • Hasan Khamenei, $120 million
  • Mojtaba Mesbah-Yazdi, $12.2 million
  • Ali Akbar Velayati, $12 million
  • Morteza Bakhtiari, $2.2 million
  • Rouhollah Hoseinian, $4.1 million
  • Seyed Massoud Mir Kazemi, $11 million
  • Hosein Shariatmadari, $37 million
  • Mostafa Olama, $1.2 million
  • Ahmad Vahidi, $1.6 million
  • Mojtaba Zolnour, $1.1 million
  • Ali Nikzad, $1.6 million
  • Kamran Daneshjou, $1.1 million
  • Abdollah Araqi, $10.7 million
  • Mohammad Taghi Mesbah-Yazdi, $45 million
  • Gholam Hossein Elham, $9.8 million

The remaining names will be released, as soon as their banking information is confirmed.

It is of interest to emphasize that the largest cut was that of Mojtaba Khamenei’s, the exact total of which to follow, upon confirmation.  Similarly, the Chinese Minister of Railways has received $75 million of the bribe funds.  Additionally, 19 other Chinese officials have collectively received $300 million as bribe and hush money.

Consequently, three weeks after the closing of the contract and the subsequent follow up by the Chinese government and revelation of wide-spread corruption surrounding Iran-China trade relations which had also met with angry objection of several Arab leaders, China’s Deputy Prime Minister discharged the Railway Minister, and ordered an investigation of the case, citing that the widespread corruption has made this a national issue.

The firing of the Minister of Railways and the case of this staggering financial corruption involving scores of Chinese statesmen is on the agenda of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) which commenced yesterday and will continue through tomorrow.

In recent years, with the growing number of various security and Mafia-like entities such as “Khatamol Anbia” dominating Iran’s economy, the scope of organized corruption surrounding Iran-China trade relations has also grown proportionately, having engulfed all diplomatic, security and legislative units of the country.

At the present time, the decisive role that the Supreme Leader’s children, the Revolutionary Guards, and the intelligence officials play in the country’s Mafioso economy has become so utterly transparent and undeniable, that in order to block any related information, they will resort to any criminal act.

Besides, having committed such acts, the loyal servants of the regime get rewarded a bonus - above and beyond their regular wages – so as to boost theirmorale and keep them motivated to stay vigilant in their job of cracking down and trampling the rights of the people.

And now, in the wake of the discharged Minister of Railways, in an attempt to prevent the publicity of the disastrous and treasonous secret dealings with China, Iranian officials have rerouted the entire “Iran Railroad Development” Project and all related China connections, to the Khatamol-Anbia section of the Revolutionary Guards, so that they can do with the national interest, as ‘they” please…


Pictured: Chinese Minister of Railways caught and fired for embezzlement in Iran-China deal

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